Out with the old and in with the new! That’s the idea employers are adopting when it comes to using social media for recruiting.

According to studies, 60-70% of employers are using social media in their hiring processes and do believe it may play a critical role in finding quality candidates.

Many will debate the issue, touting it’s unfair to judge personal space but no matter which side of the fence your on you CAN count on social media influencing hiring decisions. Here’s why:

Better Candidate Pool for the Employer

Instead of thumbing through resumes or scrolling through job websites many employers are going straight to the source. They are using social media to recruit candidates they deem well-qualified and that have an online presence. It’s more cost effective than traditional methods, and especially with the likes of LinkedIn, offers a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

They Can Easily Get to the Core of Who You Are

Many people are unfiltered on social media and those that engage online show a personal side of themselves that employers wouldn’t normally see until well after being hired on. Here are a few things a prospective employer may find interesting:

  • Are your values in line with the company’s mission
  • How you spend your free time
  • What’s your personality type; do you have a positive attitude or inclined to rant and rave
  • Who do you have in your circle or network, who are you connected with
  • How do others engage and respond to you
  • Are you social media or tech savvy
  • Does your online presence back-up the things you say

They’re Looking or a Reason to Hire You

Due to the rise in unemployment over the last decade (this is slowly improving) many people, who are highly qualified, have entered the job market. Employers are looking at other attributes to make hiring decisions including attitude, personality and soft-skills.  In essence, they are looking at what differentiates you and why you’d be a good fit for the company.

Look at your social media pages from the perspective of the employer, would you want to work with that person? It may sound harsh but that’s the exact question employers are asking themselves.

If you’re unsure about using social media there is plenty of how-to’s and information online for getting started. Invest in the services of a professional if you would like assistance building a career-focused Linked-In profile (highly recommended for anyone looking for a career).

Tip: Google yourself, including images. You’ll want to make sure that the first thing that pops up is something an employer wouldn’t mind seeing. Delete old social media accounts but keep LinkedIn and Facebook active.