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We get it. You’re looking for your first job but don’t know if your resume is the industry standard. You are on the hunt for a better job or looking to climb the corporate ladder but need a high-quality resume to show your strengths and achievements.

Every year, millions of resumes are submitted for a few million jobs. Employers and recruiters can spot a resume created by an online tool a mile off. And with just 6 seconds to make a positive first impression, only 1 in 6 candidates who applied for a job are asked for an interview.

So, you manually rewrite your CV showing a list of your skills with no details or competitive difference. Boom! Your resume doesn’t get past the ATS or appeal to your employers. You try again and it’s the same story. You try again. And again.

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Save Yourself the Countless Rewrites

Yes, resume writing is not rocket science. In fact, it is why many applicants deem it fit to create their own resumes. But what they don’t know is that we all struggle with expressing ourselves, especially with the fear of being judged. We tend to avoid going into the details of our strengths in order to not appear like a narcist.

What’s shocking? There’s someone, somewhere with an outstanding resume but less qualified than you about to get hired. The best resumes are about the details of your experience, uniqueness, personality, and presentation. You should flaunt that!

Don’t you think now would be a great time to review your resume and add the necessary details that your employers want to see? We can help.

Personalized Resume Review. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At careerPRO, we will work with you to analyze your skills and experience in order to determine the qualities that make you stand out from other applicants. We will then take those skills and present them in a well-written resume that is sure to impress employers. Whether you need to review a one-page resume, brochure resume or executive folder, we’ve got you covered. Our resume reviewers are employers and recruiters who understand the language of hiring.

Why CareerPRO Resumes?

We are America’s oldest and most trusted resume writing service with over 65 years of experience under our belt. Through these years, we’ve reviewed thousands of resumes for job-seekers like you and helped them get better offers. We’ve got first-hand real-world knowledge of what employers and recruiters look for in resumes.

Let us help you beat the resume review bots

Resume review bots such as ATS are used by large companies to screen candidates. These bots use artificial intelligence to scan resumes for keywords and quickly identify the best candidates. The problem with these bots is that they often miss important details that would distinguish you from other candidates. This can lead to unnecessary rejections because your resume is not reviewed by a human reviewer. Our personalized resume review service will help you beat the ATS keeping in mind your unique strengths, skills and accomplishments.

Unlimited free resume reviews until you get hired!

Because we are confident in the quality of our services, our experts will review your resume thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes and continue to do so until you get hired!

There’s no excuse to have a boring resume. With our resume review services, you’ll feel a lot more confident in your achievements, plus your potential employers will find your experience irresistible.

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What our customers are saying:

Jacob Sonjio
Jacob SonjioCareer Pro Client
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Before coming to Career Pro, I had spoken to many people both within in my industry and outside my industry about how I should write my resume. I had taken their advice and had written what I thought was a good resume. After speaking with Jody at Career Pro, I received a resume and cover letter that was exponentially better in every way.
Johanna Michaels
Johanna MichaelsCareer Pro Client
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Working with Career Pro Resumes has been incredibly satisfactory. The principal writer and owner, Jody, is very knowledgeable about what it takes to have a successful resume and delivered a stellar product. I highly recommend his services as he is a professional, with a wealth of experience, he is accessible, punctual, and goes the extra mile. I will definitely come back to Career Pro for future resume services.
Kevin Moreno
Kevin MorenoCareer Pro Client
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I came across CareerPro resume services online and called to schedule an appointment. I met with Jody who was patient and understanding. He listed to the type of job I was seeking and recommended the appropriate resume for my needs. The resume and cover letter we both perfect! Thanks Jody and the team at CareerPro for the wonderful work you do!
Tomas Ramos
Tomas RamosCareer Pro Client
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Jody provides an excellent service. My resume needed a total revamp after being in a position for 20+ years. (New to the job market with an outdated resume.) I needed help. I was very impressed with how Jody and his team worked with me to help define my new resume. Current look and feel with just the right amount of content. I just had a call this week from a company that I would love to work for. The right resume gets attention.
Rachel Almahar
Rachel AlmaharCareer Pro Client
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I had been working off a resume format from 10 years ago and updating it along the way. I knew my resume needed an overhaul. I made the right choice and went with Career Pro Resumes. I can honestly say you get what you pay for and I made the right choice. I felt that my experience was personal and he was able to get information from me and my experiences that created an awesome resume. A+.
Paul Roberts
Paul RobertsCareer Pro Client
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I worked with Jody at Career Pro and he was so professional and flexible. He throughly explained everything and helped me understand how the process worked and what to expect. This was my first time having a professional resume done and the end results were amazing! I cannot wait to put it to use as this resume is a true upgrade for my professional career!

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