Dear CareerPro Resume Clients!

I hope that you are all doing well, and are surviving these very trying times. Since purchasing CareerPro Resumes in 1991, I have had the honor of helping over 20,000 of you turn moments of transition into opportunities for professional and personal growth. Through three recessions over the past 29 years, many of you have had great success with our eye-catching brochure packages and persuasive, achievement-oriented content.

Thousands of you achieved better than 50% interview rates EVEN DURING RECESSIONS.

Many of you have leveraged those additional interviews to significantly increase your salaries, thus allowing you to continue to provide for yourselves and your families through the best of times AND worst of times!

Ironically, during these times when people need strong resumes the most, they often have the least amount of financial resources to spend on them. Therefore, I have decided to roll back our prices for all services to 1999 levels.

This 20-YEAR PRICE ROLLBACK will take effect immediately and will extend until May 15.

I have never sent a group email to my client list, yet difficult times call for decisive action. I want each of you to know that we will be able to work with your budget, either in-office or remotely.

Please note our change of address,  after 25 years in the old Sandy Springs Bank of America Building, we have now moved seven minutes down Hammond Drive to the Sterling Pointe Building near Perimeter Mall. So whether you’d prefer to meet in person, or remotely, we are here to serve you with our recession-busting repeat-client discounts.

Be well, stay healthy, and use this downtime to position yourself for even greater success as we come out of this recession stronger together! Please call me at (404) 252-8777 when you get this to schedule your free initial consultation.


Jody N. Gothard
President, CareerPro Resumes
303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 300
Dunwoody, GA 30346
(404) 252-8777

P.S. Get Your Referral Bonus. $100 to you for each new resume client referral.

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