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The purpose of a Thank You Letter is, after the interview, to set yourself apart from the dozen or so other interviewees for the job, probably none of whom will write or call to say “Thank You” after the interview. While the Cover Letter is just standard protocol that is overshadowed by the weighty resume, the Thank You Letter after an interview can get you hired!

After I interviewed with CareerPro’s Regional Trainer for the job of Manager of their Sandy Springs Office (which I now own) in 1991, I was back at the office three hours after the interview to hand deliver a Thank You Letter. I also called later that week to thank him for meeting with me. When it comes to how aggressive you need to be to land a highly sought after position, think about a New Yorker! Be persistent, always finding another reason after the interview to email, call, send another Letter of Commendation, keep your name in front of their face. At some point the HR staff is going to agree that, “This person really wants this job. She is passionate! If she is that enthusiastic about her new job once she starts working here, she is going to add a lot of energy to this team. Let’s give her a shot.”

I was that aggressive to get this job, and I had to be. I was not the first person that hired, but that person didn’t work out, and two weeks later I got the call and the job offer. The Regional Trainer then told me, “Of 150 resumes and phone calls we got for this position, most of those people had more sales experience than you. I offered you the job because, even though you had no sales background, you were the only award-winning writer, and you demonstrated good sales skills with your follow through calls and letters. You should me that you had the people skills to get the job done.”

Sure enough, in the second week on the job, I posted the office’s most profitable week in over a year. A guess selling enough America’s Finest chocolate bars to win my high school band’s fundraising contest paid off after all. Sales is one skill that cannot be taught. You either have a sales personality or you don’t. Selling yourself after the interview, however, with a Thank You Letter, is a critical last step to get the job.

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“I was pleased with the quality, speed, and presentation of the final product. The new resume was 100% better than the one I first brought in.”

Marcus Teague

“Jody is a pleasure to work with, and he also has a great reputation for his leadership roles he has taken in the Atlanta non-profit community. He is a professional in every sense or the word, and I highly recommend him and his CareerPro Resume award-winning writing team to everyone needing a resume uplift and a higher interview rate.”

Ricky Kaplan, Attorney

“Once I mailed out my first batch of resumes, the phone calls started almost immediately. I was actually beating out people who had so much more sales experience that me, and getting interviews, and not just from insurance companies. I think the matching cover letter that they did for me enhanced my image even further. It appears as if I will be making at least $20,000 more on my next job.”

Gloria Simmons, Sales Rep