Resume Writing Packages

CareerPro Resumes is a comprehensive resume creation and career development firm. We help individuals at all stages of their career. A resume should not be a “one size fits all” type of document, because packaging and formatting play such a huge role in the picture of yourself you are painting in the mind of your potential employer, way before he or she meets you in the interview. We offer the following resume writing packages:

  • Loose Sheet Resume (Entry Level Candidates) – Standard one or two-page resume format on 8.5×11 resume paper. Targeted Salary = $30,000+.  Average CareerPro Client Interview Rate = 25% and higher.
  • Brochure Resume (Mid Career Candidates) – Fold-open 11×17 brochure on parchment paper. Targeted Salary =  $50,000 – $100,000.  Average CareerPro Client Interview Rate = 50%-75%.
  • Executive Resume (Executive and C Level Candidates) – Fold-open, silver-embossed hard cover folder. Targeted salary = Six figures.  Average CareerPro Client Interview Rate 75% and higher.

All resume packages come with 25 hard copies, white originals for Faxing, and a Microsoft Word file which is unlocked and fully editable. You own your completed resume, and are able to do your own updates at any point in the future, although most of our clients come back to us for updates once they get their great new job.

When most resume writing companies describe their Entry Level, Mid-Level, and Executive Resumes, they are still talking about Loose Sheet resumes. On-line companies will only provide you with an Electronic Version. Our Midrange and Executive Styles are actually upgraded fold-open formats that open up like restaurant menus, and play a key role in helping our clients obtain the high interview rates that they continue to garner, whether the economy is on a tear or barely limping along. While one or two other Atlanta resume companies do offer Brochures, CareerPro is the only company offering Executive Folders.