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A Professional Reference Sheet is to be brought into the interview. It demonstrates preparation and confidence in your people skills. If you are volunteering the contact information for all of your recent bosses, then the HR manager will probably not call any of them, as you are demonstrating that there are no skeletons in your closet, no “philosophical differences” with former bosses. A Professional Reference Sheet should be just that, a list of Professional, not personal, references.

Back in the day, a Professional Reference Sheet would list your previous managers’ names, titles, company names, and addresses. Now, instead of physical addresses, we include the Reference’s email address and cell phone number (if permitted).

Professional References should never be included as part of the resume itself. That’s like giving a girl flowers before you even know if she’s really into you or not. It’s premature, and it’s lazy. Save it for the interview. If the interviewer points to your previous jobs ask “Who can we call here, and who can we call here,” instead of having him/her write all over your prosaic masterpiece, hand over your beautifully formatted Professional Reference Sheet, and score one more point in your favor for being prepared.

A Professional Reference Sheet is not your Letters of Reference from your former managers, co-workers, and clients. Some of those should be used in the interview to further build your credentials. Third party endorsements always carry the most weight. Harry Jones can include great reasons on his resume why someone should hire him, but if Michael Jordan says, “Harry Jones is the most pro-active business manager I have ever met. Make him part of your team!” that holds more weight. It’s common American advertising, and as a former TV Commercial Writer, I pull quotes from management evaluations and client letters of commendation, and used them in as many of my client resumes as I can.

Finally, the term “References – Available upon request” found at the end of many resumes is no longer necessary, as no viable candidate is going to refuse to provide references. I only use this line as a space filler if necessary, if a resume extends to 1.5 pages and I am trying to fill more of the second page.

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