Managing Tech Tasks: Which Projects Can Business Owners Outsource?

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When you’re running a business, you always have your hands full. But outsourcing tasks to other people might make you nervous – after all, you enjoy calling the shots! Determining which technical tasks you can take care of on your own and which ones you should outsource can help you balance all of your responsibilities. Plus, reading up on the resources from CareerPro Resumes can help you pick the perfect candidates for every contract, from Alpharetta to Decatur! Here are a few items you can hand off to a contractor and a few that you can do by yourself.

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Business Formation

While choosing a business structure might seem complicated, it’s important to do this in the early days of your company. The way you form your business will determine your tax requirements, your personal liability, and a few other key details. But you don’t have to handle the entire filing process on your own. Instead, use a budget-friendly online formation service to establish a Georgia LLC registered agent. A service like this will submit all of the required paperwork to your state and then transfer the documents you need to you.

IT Support

Unless you have professional experience in the IT industry, you probably need to hire someone to manage IT support for your company. Trying to troubleshoot your own IT issues can be a headache! To choose the right IT support provider, Nerds on Site recommends determining exactly what you’ll need them to handle and then making sure that they have relevant experience. You can also connect with local staffing agencies in areas like Sandy Springs and Marietta to find qualified providers.

Web Design

Have you attempted to design your company’s website on your own, only to feel unsatisfied with the final result? Effective web design can be tough, especially if you’re trying to set up an ecommerce site. Don’t fret – you can always hire a web designer! In order to decide on the right designer, Smash Stack recommends checking out the portfolios of anyone you’re considering.

Publish Your Own Company Blog

While designing your entire website might be out of your scope, getting the hang of your content management system so that you can publish your company blog by yourself is entirely doable. This doesn’t require specialized technical knowledge – all you have to do is write the post, insert an image or two, and hit publish! You can share info about new products or services, as well as tips for your customers, and if you host events in areas like Kennesaw or Smyrna, you can also highlight them on your blog!

Manage Your Social Media Scheduling

With social media scheduling software, automating social media posts couldn’t be simpler. Sure, you could delegate this task to a social media manager, but if your schedule allows for it, you can save money by doing it solo. Simply decide what kind of content you want to share across your social media channels for the next week or month, take photos or write posts, and then choose the times and dates you would like each post to go up. You can also pick hashtags in advance to get more eyes on your content.

When you’re running a business, you might feel like you need to tackle every task on your own. At first, it can be hard to hand the reins to someone else! But by outsourcing certain projects, you’ll be able to free up time in your own busy schedule.

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