What You Should Know About the Atlanta Job Market

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Named the Top Moving Destination by Penske seven years running, Atlanta continues to draw thousands of people each year. Because of this influx of people, many have questions about what the job market is like and wonder if it’s true what they hear.

Nerd Wallet recently named Atlanta the 6th best city for job seekers and Wallet Hub ranked them as the 25th of 150 largest populated cities for jobs.

Online you’ll find a wealth of conflicting information about Atlanta’s job market that’ll keep your head swimming.

Let’s clear up those misconceptions! Read on to get an insider look at the Atlanta, Georgia job market….

Technical, sales and education jobs are the best industries for employment in the Atlanta area; based on salary averages, availability and stress levels. Usually requiring an education background and work experience, these are the industries that consistently do well.

Although businesses are getting busier and jobs are opening up, it is still a competitive market. If you want to stand out you will need to bring your A game. Invest in a professional resume or portfolio that highlights not just your work history but the skills and attributes you bring to the table. Employers state that errors on resumes are a common reason why candidates are tossed aside.

Because prospective employers usually get many qualified people they are looking to other factors such as personality and attitude to make hiring decisions. Being computer literate, flexible and having a team player mentality will go a long way during the interview process.

The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to over 5 million people and employers aren’t hurting for applicants. Employers are seeking the best of candidates, you need to know what you have to offer and be confident you can deliver.

Having talked to many residents of Atlanta that have firsthand experience of the job search here; it’s a common assumption that you have to know someone to get hired. Although networking is always a good idea and a good recommendation from a friend or colleague can help; it’s not the only answer for getting a job offer.

If you’re willing to do the work, go the extra mile to stand out, present yourself professionally and are personable and approachable you have a wonderful chance at landing your dream job and being successful here in Atlanta, Georgia.