These days, we’re constantly being told that job growth is better than it has been in the last seven years, but that doesn’t mean finding a job is a given. Resume writing is a little known secret as well a great tool to have working for you. There’s a lot of competition out there for work, especially for the top-tier high paying jobs, so before you charge in looking for a new career, consider the importance of the resume. Your resume.

Your resume is the first thing your potential employer will have to gauge you by. Therefore, you want to present the best product possible, your resume. Sell them your resume, and your resume will sell them on you. There are many things potential employers look for on a resume to determine whether or not they think you’ll be a good fit at their company. Over the decades each industry has developed its own criteria for what constitutes a great resume that really wows employers.

Jeremy, in Kennesaw, wanted to make more money. He needed to change jobs, so he put together his resume and started the hunt. Months later, Jeremy found himself still at the same old job, not ever even being able to land at least one interview. Jeremy just couldn’t understand what he was doing wrong, until the day he dropped by one of the tech companies at which he’d put in an application.

He went to check in and let them know that he was still available for work and it just so happened that the hiring manager had walked out of her office as he was talking to the secretary. “Hello, I’m Alice. Can I help you? Here, step into my office.”,  she said. Jeremy told her why he was there and explained the trouble he’d been having. Jeremy asked Alice to help him understand why he hadn’t been hearing back from any companies. She had a few minutes before her next meeting, so she agreed.

She found his resume and took a look at it. That’s when Alice let Jeremy know that his resume had been put in the ‘reject pile’ upon arrival. “But why?”, Jeremy asked. She told him there were certain things that her company looks for on a resume such as the style,  the look,  and how the resume conveys the potential employee overall. She let him know that his resume lacked a strong well-worded cover letter, a clear consistent format, and a highlight section. She then suggested to Jeremy that he look into a professional resume writer. Jeremy had never heard of resume writing so he went home and googled ‘professional resume writers atlanta’, from there he found CareerPro here in Atlanta, GA.

Since CareerPro is located in Sandy Springs, that meant it was very close to his desired company. Jeremy came to the conclusion that a resume writer would be the best way to convey his value to a potential employer by pairing his years of experience with a well-crafted, thought-out, professional resume. Jeremy has an interview next week.