How many times have you been at an interview and overheard someone mention other applicants or other interviews they have scheduled? It’s not uncommon and it’s deflating.

You know there are other applicants and you’re one of many but when you have it put in front of you, it can kill your confidence. It doesn’t have to! With a few small changes you can take your interview from good to great and outshine the competition.

Here are a few simple tips for making your interview a memorable one and rising to the top of the candidate pool:

  • Dress sharp: Your outfit should look professional, polished and complement you.  When you look great people take notice and remember you. I highly recommend kicking it up a notch and making an outfit upgrade.  When you feel good about your appearance it also boosts confidence, which can work out in your favor during the interview. They always say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and this rings true when it comes to landing that dream job.
  • Be kind: Use every opportunity to demonstrate kindness, not just during the interview but with others you encounter. Smile, make eye contact and use a brief firm handshake. People want to work with people that make them feel good and are pleasant to be around, give them a sneak peek into what that looks like from you. Don’t underestimate the role the receptionist could play in the process and use every opportunity to be kind and use simple manners.
  • Be prepared: Always have your resume and references readily available and be prepared to show real life examples of what you’ve accomplished in your work history. Most companies aren’t looking for hypotheticals. Be specific.

If your work history is limited share problems you encountered during your employment and how you handled them. These details give the interviewer great insight into who you are and your work style.

If you really want to be remembered, Wow them with this one final question “What concerns do you have about hiring me?” I know plenty of people who were offered a position based on this one question alone. It takes guts to put yourself out there, it catches the interviewer off guard yet gives them the opportunity to question anything nagging at them which is the perfect opportunity for you to clear it up. Most of all it shows you care and know what you’re doing. I dare you to try it!

Small changes have big outcomes when it comes to interviewing. Most everyone will already be qualified, it’s the other stuff that will count.