3 Things You Must Have to Get the Job of Your Dreams

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Whether you’re new to the job search or looking for a career change I want to encourage you to challenge yourself, put yourself out there and go after the job of your dreams.

Your dream job is the position you’re passionate about, good at and would be committed to for the long haul; and it’s worth every amount of time, energy and investment you can put into it.

Going to a job you love everyday doesn’t feel like work and most importantly it alleviates unnecessary stress and greatly improves your quality of life.

We weren’t designed to live life on the hamster wheel, you deserve that dream job and these 3 things will help you land it!

1. Professional Resume

You cannot expect an employer to take you seriously without one. Since errors on a resume are the number one reason why candidates are tossed aside, you cannot afford to skimp here. Unless you have a background that includes writing and design I strongly encourage you to invest in paying a professional.

As your first impression you want to make sure your resume stands out from all the others; it should showcase your abilities and talent while connecting the dots in a professional, easy to read format. You want the employer to get a sense for who you are at-a-glance.

2. Neat Appearance

You’ve probably heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, I completely agree. Hygiene is of the upmost importance and believe it or not people show up to interviews disheveled and without a shower all the time.  (Body odor will kill a career!)

Give the prospective employer your very best; even if you’re overdressed it shows them ‘you get it’ and you understand the difference between what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

Dressing to impress will help them to visualize how well you fit-in with the group and alleviate any concerns they have about whether you can deliver during those times when everyone needs to make a great impression.  Wow them!

3. Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter what industry or position you are seeking; those with good communication skills fare better in their careers. Employers look at not only a candidates verbal skills but their overall body language, too.

In order to truly master having strong communication skills you must have self-awareness; understanding how you come across during the interview, during your interactions with coworkers and those times you are bored or frustrated can elevate your communication skills to a top level.

Being able to be calm, confident and clearly express yourself is a talent that all employers value.

Nowadays employers are seeking candidates who will not only perform well but someone that is flexible, easily approachable, has a positive attitude and can communicate well during difficult conversations. Master this and that dream job is in the bag!