3 Important Components Every Cover Letter Should Have

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There’s a myth going around that cover letters are a thing of the past. This is simply not true!

Cover letters are still the professional standard and the perfect opportunity to grab the readers attention and make them want to learn more about you.

Whatever you do, don’t make it too lengthy and focus on what’s most important. The most successful cover letters are the ones that include these 3 important components:

  1. A killer introduction: The first couple lines of your cover letter should entice the reader to keep reading and let a bit of your personality shine through. Don’t take it too overboard; you still want to come across as a professional. If you put all your time and energy into nailing the introduction it would be worth it. A killer introduction increases your odds of landing that interview.
  2. Relevant experience: Generic cover letters irk me; they offer nothing specific to the role and are a complete waste of time. I always recommend editing your cover letter to the specific position and speak directly to the experience they are looking for. You should connect the dots from your experience to their needs and package that in a way it stands out and is easy for the employer to recognize.
  3. Company reference: Do your homework! Spend extra time getting to know about the company; it’s history, mission and place in the community. Making reference to the company shows them upfront that you mean business and aren’t afraid to work at it. They want someone who will represent the company well and will be a champion for them; it starts with understanding who they are.

All too often job-seekers will spend so much time tweaking their resume that the cover letter becomes an afterthought, big mistake!

Remember, your cover letter is the first thing a prospective employer sees and you’ll want to be sure you are leaving behind a lasting impression.